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We Want To Help Brands Stand For Something

India does not need another generalist consultancy. The market is cluttered with global and independent consultancies with undifferentiated offerings. What India needs and what clients are buying, is differentiated expertise.

We want to bring more confidence to the business of Public Relations

The communications profession needs to be more confident about who we are as a people and the impact we have in changing the way in which we live, work and play. Recent incidents have brought to light the divide between people who think public relations is a force for good and those for whom it is a tool to manipulate public opinion. PR is no longer about fuzzy terms like ‘perception management’ and ‘creating buzz.’ Technology has made us a lot more data-driven in our quest for understanding how people think, say they behave and the gap between intent and action. We have the opportunity to build a stronger, more nuanced understanding of what motivates people, how to identify those with common passions and how to mobilise them with a shared sense of belonging, and purpose.

On the dark side, technology and its uses to automate content lets atoms of propaganda rocket through social networks, powered by tight peer groups, making the ‘business of influence’ a very dangerous one. Like all other forms of mass destruction, fake news and the creation of filter bubbles of opinion fed to us by advertising-driven, social platforms is a 21st century problem (one we need to accept and address). Opinions and self-beliefs have always, always held more sway than facts. Storytelling isn’t new. It’s how we’ve always understood our versions of the world we live in. It’s the speed of proliferation and the ability to bring people on the fringes together that has strengthened those committed to a form of nationalist and hate-driven agenda with tools that are giving them access to attention, status and power.

We want to help brands stand for something

It in this environment, today, we are talking to brands about building trust and authenticity. Brands now, more than ever, need to take a stand for something that’s true to their DNA and reason to exist. In an increasingly commoditised market, the brands that are showing up differently today, are those that are creating an aspirational identity for people to feel part of something much bigger than themselves. A cause, a movement, a purpose.

We want to help brands connect with people based on insights that stem from basic human truths about how we are as people – not target groups, not audience segments –but people. And inspire those people with a unique way of being, on purpose.

This article is first appeared in Reputation Today on Oct 17, 2017 and can  be viewed here: