#NoIdealWorship – Eat, Pray, Love On Your Own Terms!

A sanskari woman would never go out on dates with boys who are strangers they said. But I always did what I wanted to and never stopped because I am a ‘girl’. Given my love for meeting new people, I went out on a few Tinder dates and almost dated one of them. Because, why not! Who knew, I would find love in a hopeless place!

Also, an ‘ideal woman’ of marriage-able age is expected to be thin and feminine, but I bear no shame in being overweight, (though, I am not denying my concern of my health!) But, a guy (or his family) who rejects me because of my weight is not worth living my whole life with. Hence, I chose to be the way I am, and only try to be healthy, and not live up to the expectations of the society.

At so many points in my life, I have broken the tradition of going to temple when I have periods. I see no logic in staying away from idols and temples when I am menstruating!